Claudia Ruiz:Welcome to the NARALO Monthly Call on Monday, 10 September 2018 19:00 UTC

  Claudia Ruiz:

  Eduardo Diaz - NARALO Chair:hi

  Eduardo Diaz - NARALO Chair:Connecting to the telephone bridge

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:testing audio

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:hello

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:can't hear anything

  John Laprise:we hear your keystrokes and voice

  Adrian Schmidt:Hello good pm! (at least here in Lacombe, AB)

  George Kirikos:Hello. Is there a conference id?

  Allan Skuce:greetings

  George Kirikos:Nevermind, I think I figured it out.

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Welcome George, Adrian and Allan

  George Kirikos:Thanks Glenn.

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Michael Casadevall, you are new on the call too?

  Adrian Schmidt:Thank you!

  Silvia Vivanco:Hello all welcome

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Great

  John Laprise:From John Laprise (ALAC Rep), Item 026: ALAC has been busy in preparation for ICANN63. The KSK rollover is moving ahead as well as preparations for the  chair handover from Alan to Maureen. We've also been  busy with the consolidated policy WG, Review implementation, new GTLD. I also led today's social meeting wg meeting earlier.

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Welcome Michael and George  a  new  Unaffilated member

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Welcome  Kirstin and Bill

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:As to NARALO CROP  plan

  Yubelkys Montalvo:Hello to all!

  Maureen Hilyard:HI everyone.. I just thought I would pop in and say hi :)

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Welcome  Yubelkys

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Welcome  Kirsten

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Welcome Joe Catapano,  GSE  for  North America

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Good idea  Alfredo

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Francisco Rosario

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Is  Francisco  a  fellow too?

  Yubelkys Montalvo:ok

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Hi  Wes

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Welcome  Leon

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Leon Sanchez

  John Laprise:Social Media WG is still looking for additional volunteers for the regional work team. Contact me, evin. Heidi. or Silvia.

  Leon Sanchez:thanks Glenn

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:The newsletter  had  George profiled in the recent newsletter.  We will showcasing each ALS and Unaffilaited member

  John Laprise:Item 043 add

  Leon Sanchez:thanks Claudia. it turNed out the plane actually has wifi coverage

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Welcome John More,  John is with ISOC  Washington DC

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome John More

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Jeremy Pesnet as well

  Silvia Vivanco:Welcome to George Kirikos ,Joey Doyle, Jeremy Pesner (US)

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Janos Szurdi

  George Kirikos:Thanks Silvia.

  Janos Szurdi:Thank you!

  George Kirikos:My SOI:

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:George thatnks for the SOI

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Hi David

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome David Morar

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:I see  Janos  Szurdi  online too

  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR):Janos and Michael are both Fellows.

  David Morar:hi everybody. apologies for the delay. Adobe would not launch on my laptop, so I had to do it over mobile

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Ed you bet me too it:)

  John Laprise:Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Jon Zuck

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:welcome  chris

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Folks  Chris and Joe  are with the  ICANN NA  GSE

  Heidi Ullrich:Welcome, All!

  George Kirikos:The KSK Rollover will be very interesting next month.

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:yes

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:you are low

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:can't really hear

  Heidi Ullrich:Not hearing you.

  George Kirikos:IS there an echo from someone?

  David Morar:echo echo

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:not me

  Michael Casadevall:George: Indeed; I realize I'm a little late as unless something major happens, the rollover will happen in the next month, but it still got my interest.

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:me

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:hand up

  Janos Szurdi:i disconnected my microphone now

  Allan Skuce:Glen hand up

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:hand up

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:sorry I got the gender wrong

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:my apologies

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Thanks  I will send the sign up sheet for the booth at  ICANN Barcelona

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Alfredo hard to hear you

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:yes

  David Morar:Glenn still has his hand up? Or is it just my phone being laggy?

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Sign up sheet

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:@Chris  can we get the academic acknowledgement statement for the newsletter etc

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Above is for Michael and Janos to sign up for the booth duty

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Also any other  NARALO attendees

  David Morar:NAGS is also working with the Law School at ASU to pilot graduate student involvement in NARALO, At Large and ICANN in general. (We’re also doing some outreach at USC, and hopefully other universities this fall)

  Yubelkys Montalvo:Chris I’m interested in learning more about the universities initiative, since I work with universities as well. Please advise.

  George Kirikos:Here's the announcement re: the survey for the TMCH:

  Michael Casadevall:@Glenn: what time length of block do you recommend for running the booth? I don't think the schedule is up so I am concerned on double-booking myself.

  George Kirikos:(that comes via the RPM PDP; I'm in that working group)

  Francisco Rosario 2:Hi to all is Francisco  from Puerto Rico, looking to collaborate and get more involved!!!!

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Sorry  Franciso my brain was running slow,  Its coming back now.    

  Yubelkys Montalvo:yes

  George Kirikos:Often PDPs take years to finish. So, it might not align well with university credits (unless you get them signed up as freshmen!).

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:@Heidi  can we action item Chris to provide a brief for  NARALO list, skye and Newsletter on the academic inititiate

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:very low

  George Kirikos:Low volume here too.

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Yubelkys is with HET 

  Silvia Vivanco:@ Glenn I have noted your request as AI

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:thanks  Silvia

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:She is very active with Hispanic Education in North America, very interesting work

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Not ready for  prime time yet

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:i hear very low

  Silvia Vivanco:yes Glenn

  George Kirikos:Perhaps type in chat?

  Eduardo Diaz - NARALO Chair:she seems to be in the phone

  John More:Chris. I assume you are aware that ISOC has a major new initiative with respect to the cross-border effects of national legislation with respect to the Internet.

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Thanks  John

  Yubelkys Montalvo:yes

  Yubelkys Montalvo:or course

  Chris Mondini:@John, yes we are hoping that ISOC will take a leading role and we can collaborate

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you for that update Chris !

  George Kirikos:@JohnMore: that was one of the topics that the NTIA solicited info about recently.

  Chris Mondini:I am a big fan of HETS!

  John More:Of course, not just GDPR.

  Chris Mondini:And we love NAGS!

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:David makes a good point from a student perspective

  Chris Mondini:@David M : yes we are goibg via administration and faculty.    

  Maureen Hilyard:+1 David

  Chris Mondini:Also, There is major collaboration with Spanish Universityies before Barcelona

  Yubelkys Montalvo:thanks Chris! count on me

  Heidi Ullrich:Please let staff know if you have an event you'd like to promote on social media

  John More: Cross- order effects of national laws and regulations was also a theme of the IGF USA 2018. So it will be important to coordinate, including collecting and archiving the laws and regulations.

  Chris Mondini:@JOhn L : well put

  John Laprise:TY Alfredo! Great idea

  David Morar:you mean the Usernames, not hashtags, right?

  George Kirikos:Maybe folks can add their social media usernames to their SOIs?

  George Kirikos:(if one adds appropriate fields on the wiki)

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Note that  the  ATLARGE Review  mentioned  Social Media  in particular for us and as we roll out the strategy  I assume we need to measure the results of the interventions

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:A SLACK group was created in the past

  George Kirikos:#NARALO gets just a few tweets per month on Twitter:

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:indeed. 

  John Laprise:yes glenn...we'll use slack again and use it. :)\

  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR):Yes the Slack initiative will be revamped.

  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Screen captures good idea

  John More:pls send an invite to the Slack group.

  Heidi Ullrich:See:

  Michael Casadevall:Two cents: Is there a specific reason why using a hashtag? I would think being able to follow a regional account would be easier, esp.because you can set them notify on all tweets.

  Heidi Ullrich:New CROP requirement is 6 + 5 days for VP approval.

  Silvia Vivanco:CROP Procedures:

  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR):@Janos and @Michael for the booth duties, please wait til the ICANN schedule is out. Then you can decide when you might have some time for the booth. Keep in mind the the Fellows Booth will be holding short meetings for newcomers and Fellows.

  Eduardo Diaz - NARALO Chair:I am suggesting to do 7 weeks and when submitted ithat s already approved by the GSE VP

  John Laprise:@Michael Yes...part of it has to do with who manages the handle. ICANN staff manages the main handles and IP wise we'd want subhandles manged by staff as well but  we don't have a community managment team

  John Laprise:@George Yes. That needs to change through use. :)

  Heidi Ullrich:Marita has informed me re the re-scheduling

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Marita Moll

  Heidi Ullrich:RALO Discretionary Funding Workspace - including application:

  John Laprise:@John I'm expecting one from Dev: Evin and I are on it

  John Laprise:also @John contact evin

  John Laprise:+1 Heidi

  George Kirikos:Thanks Glenn.

  Chris Mondini:@Marita that is good news. We are standing by to help

  Marita Moll:Thanks Chris. You will be hearing from us.

  Silvia Vivanco:Education group:

  John Laprise:Silvia AI: we can also collect member handles too. We/Evin (@ICANNatLarge) can bundle them into a public list

  Silvia Vivanco:@ John for sure! will note

  Michael Casadevall:John: What's the best way to get in contact w/ you?

  John Laprise:any which way Twitter @JohnLaprise gmail

  John Laprise:I'm also searchable...just be sure you remind me of who you are :)

  Leon Sanchez:well done! good call.  very concise

  Michael Casadevall:Heh, no problem. The social media WG seems like a very good way to get involved as a new member, I'm just being a bit hesistant not to join too many things at once.

  John Laprise:If it's something you're interested in, no better way :)

  Michael Casadevall:++

  George Kirikos:Bye folks.

  John Laprise:au revoir

  Leon Sanchez:thanks everyone

  Francisco Rosario:Thanks Eduardo

  Maureen Hilyard:I will make sure that Eduardo has the latest organigram to distribute. It will be made public in Barcelona

  David Morar:thank you!

  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you !!

  Allan Skuce:Bye thanks

  Michael Casadevall:Have a good day/night everyone!

  Janos Szurdi:bye

  John More:good call

  Yubelkys Montalvo:bye

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