Andrea Glandon:Welcome to the NARALO Monthly call held on Monday, 13 August 2018 at 19:00 UTC.
  Andrea Glandon:Agenda Wiki Page:
  Allan Skuce:Greetings. No Audio out.
  Allan Skuce:yes
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:hi
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:@Ed must be a world of difference for you
  Silvia Vivanco:Hello all 
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:welcome all
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):Thanks Glen
  Silvia Vivanco:timers are not allowed on AC rooms - IT rule
  Eduardo Diaz:@Silvia: except if the clock is being showed in your computer and casted in the main page
  Judith Hellerstein -CAG:sorry I thought it was muted
  Javier Rua Jovet:Hi All!
  Silvia Vivanco:@ Eduardo, ok we would need to do a screnshare. Please send us your ideas so staff can investigate. 
  Heidi Ullrich 2:Hi, All. 
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Please see the monthly newslettr   a profile on him 
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Outreach from  DNS Symposium in June
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Sure can
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Heads up on Alternatives  
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:first North American Internet Governance Forum to be held in Montreal
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):Actually it is Maureens WG  not Holly as Lead
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:No objections
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG): I am assisting ExOfficio as I have done these before
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):Alan is also ExOfficio  as the current ALAC Chair
  Eduardo Diaz:@Cheryl: Thankfs for the clarification
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):NP  Holly and I co chaired the previous Review Wg so it can be confusing Eduardo
  Yubelkys Montalvo:Hi to all 
  Silvia Vivanco:
  Silvia Vivanco:Welcome Yubelkys
  Yubelkys Montalvo:thanks Sylvia 
  Yubelkys Montalvo:Silvia, sorry
  Silvia Vivanco::) ! 
  Silvia Vivanco:No problem
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:we have completed the  CROP 19 plans, approved by the staff
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):Wiki *should* equal *work space*
  Heidi Ullrich 2:+1 Cheryl
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR):+1 Cheryl. Wiki should be only for authorized members in WGs. Hence, work space.
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:IGF  pictures  
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Note  Joly did the livestream of the event
  Judith Hellerstein -CAG:Yes and we have transcripts of every session
  Heidi Ullrich 2:Please make sure that if you are interested in the GPDR/EPDP, please attend this week's CPWG call between 13:00-15:00 UTC. There will be speakers from staff and a lot of updates from Alan and Hadia. 
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Note  the IGF USA was not a CROP or other funded initiative.  Dustin, John More, Judith, Glenn, Jonathan, David, Anna and Susannah 
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Judith , Dustin and John More were organizers.  Jon Zuck was a moderator
  Jonathan Zuck:Indeed
  Silvia Vivanco:
  Judith Hellerstein -CAG:Dustin is the co-head of igf-usa
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Special acknowledgement of  former  lead from ISOC Washington  David Vorst 
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Also  special acknowledgement of Manu- Former  US govt employees
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Great idea of the IGF USA  ROADSHOW
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:thanks Dustin
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Yes it was very good
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:we should summarize it for the newsletter
  Jonathan Zuck:I don't. Dustin?
  Judith Hellerstein -CAG:Yes we have a survey each year asking and recruiting topics. Joe catapano then organizing all topics into sections and then people vote on which sessions the community feels are more important
  Javier Rua Jovet:Future of Work:  1. Fixing robots; 2. Fighting robots bent on world domination and the anhilation of humanity; 3. Robot archaeologist studying extinct humans.
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):Alan does History I follow up with currency and way forward
  Jonathan Zuck:@Javier, that about covers it
  Javier Rua Jovet:Puerto Rico is part of "NACRALO"
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):very true @Javier
  Javier Rua Jovet:@Jonathan I know. Long live the Luddites!
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:The social media criticism was dead wrong
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:No acknowledgement of the efforts. It assumed we only used email
  Javier Rua Jovet:Kudos to @Alan and the rest of the team: they did serious quantitative analysis to debunk most of the accusations in the ITEMS review.   Real facts in an age of fake news.
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR):@Glenn, my perception is that we need to reach more & new individuals in At-Large. Thus, use Social Media to educate individuals.
  Jonathan Zuck:Well actually, we conceded most of the findings but pushed back on the recommendations
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):indeed!
  Judith Hellerstein -CAG:Can the slides be unsynched
  Judith Hellerstein -CAG:so we can scroll thru them
  Judith Hellerstein -CAG:thanks
  Javier Rua Jovet:Maureen is working hard in Vanuatu!!!
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:The complete  Outreach and Engagement  plan is available . it includes a list of Discretionary funding 
  Eduardo Diaz:Link?
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Better verrrrry late than never! Hi all. 
  Eduardo Diaz:YEs!
  Silvia Vivanco:welcome Susannah
  Javier Rua Jovet:hey @Susannah
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Hi Susannah
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Not a good start to a Monday!
  Jonathan Zuck:Here's the GDPR session from IGF USA:
  Jonathan Zuck:
  Javier Rua Jovet:Thx @Jonathan
  Eduardo Diaz:Thks.
  Jonathan Zuck:or this one is a little shorter
  Jonathan Zuck:
  Javier Rua Jovet:Thx @CLO
  Javier Rua Jovet:crystal clear
  Jonathan Zuck:Fun stuff
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Jon has a funny sense of humour. almost  British:)
  Dustin Phillips:Gotta run. Thanks all
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):LOL
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:thanks  
  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO ALAC Review Implemetation WG):Thanks for having me "=_
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:Great you were able to come.  Well received.  
  Glenn McKnight-FBSC:thanks  all  bye all 
  Leah Symekher - SFBay ISOC:thx all
  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you all! 
  Allan Skuce:Thanks. Bye
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Thank you! Sorry for my absence! 
  Alfredo Calderon (ISOCPR):Thanks! Bye!
  Gordon Chillcott - Greater Toronto Area Linux Users Group:Thanks and bye for now.
  Judith Hellerstein -CAG:Some of us will not be here next month because oof the jewish holiday
  Yubelkys Montalvo:bye
  Javier Rua Jovet:bye!!

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