Andrea Glandon:Welcome to the July NARALO Monthly Call held on Monday, 09 July 2018 at 19:00 UTC.
  Adrian Schmidt:Hello Andrea / Ahsley good afternoon (here in Lacombe, AB)
  Andrea Glandon:Welcome, Adrian!
  Adrian Schmidt:Thank you!
  Andrea Glandon:Welcome, Evin!
  Evin Erdoğdu:Hello Andrea and all! :)
  Adrian Schmidt:Hi!
  Evin Erdoğdu:Hi Adrian!
  Adrian Schmidt::)
  Allan Skuce:Hello
  Adrian Schmidt:Hello Allan!
  Adrian Schmidt:That was scary... LOL
  Andrea Glandon::D
  Eduardo Diaz:Hola - connecting thru the bridge
  Adrian Schmidt:ouch there is an old noise like an old disk...
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):Hello all. A lot of static...?
  Adrian Schmidt:those black LPs..
  Andrea Glandon:Thank you, Eve, I will check on it
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):Ah those LPs. And the felt rollers.   OK sounds good now!
  Adrian Schmidt:loud and clear
  wes boudville:i'm hearing you fine
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):Hi Alfredo yes
  Adrian Schmidt:Hi Alfredo! Clear
  Adrian Schmidt:Hola Eduardo!
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):Hello Eduardo
  Judith Hellerstein:HI Eduardo
  Javier Rua-Jovet:hi all
  Andrea Glandon:Welcome!
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Hi all!
  Alfredo Calderon:Hi to all! / Hola a todos!
  Adrian Schmidt:Hola Alfredo
  Javier Rua-Jovet:Ok w me
  Alfredo Calderon:Saludos Adrian.
  Silvia Vivanco:Hello
  Javier Rua-Jovet:yes it is out
  Andrea Glandon:Welcome, Silvia!
  Alfredo Calderon:REPORT IS OUT!
  Javier Rua-Jovet:last week 1-4 came out
  Silvia Vivanco:Hello all 
  Judith Hellerstein:The CCWG Accountability reports were issued today
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):sorry John please repeat, there was a burst of static
  Matthew Rantanen:Good Day to all.
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):the bit right after GDPR
  jonathan zuck:I think I'm on now
  Judith Hellerstein:they hope everyone agrees with it as if not then everything has to be re-opened
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):thx
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):OK thanks, I jsst didn't hear "PDP" :)
  Greg Shatan:I believe that only the Chair of the EPDP is predicted to need to devote 30+ hours a week (and perhaps similar for Vice-Chairs if any)
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):ok thank you for that
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):EPDP is what I hadn't heard
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):yes Javier
  Judith Hellerstein:hand up
  Greg Shatan:I think that 30 hours per week may be an exaggeration for the rest of the EPDP, though up-front “homework” will be critical to success in a short time-frame.
  Eduardo Diaz:@Greg: At least during the first few months.
  Greg Shatan:Hello, all.
  Marita Moll:Maybe I got this wrong, but I am under the impression that those of us who are participating in wt5 are speaking for ourselves, not our larger groups. There does not seem to be a mechanism for that.
  jonathan zuck:that's something we need to fix
  Eduardo Diaz:@Jonathna and Marita: Any ideas to fix this are welcome.
  Alfredo Calderon:@Marita, I agree with you. We are members as individuals in WT5.
  Marita Moll:Actually, my impression is that there is not a lot of support for that kind of idea within the group. It has come up several times.
  Greg Shatan:Some GAC participants like to say that they speak for their citizens, but that everyone else in the group just speaks for themselves. I feel there is some “gamesmanship” in that approach.
  Marita Moll:@ Greg -- yes, it seems to be the case that GAC reps can not speak for their governments, so no one else is allowed to speak for a group either.
  Alan Greenberg:Marita, some people were appointed as liaisons from their RALOs. You are the one from NARALO.
  jonathan zuck:done
  Marita Moll:@ Alan -- yes, I know that but not sure how or whether that affects things
  Javier Rua-Jovet:agreed
  Greg Shatan:The bigger issue is that the GAC participants can’t speak for the GAC, so they don’t want anyone else to be seen as speaking for their group or set of stakeholders.
  Greg Shatan:A root canal might be preferable to the EPDP.
  Evin Erdoğdu:It's a long list! :)
  Evin Erdoğdu:
  Javier Rua-Jovet:yes
  Alan Greenberg:@Marita, the impact is that you have a responsibility to tell NARALO folks what the issues are and to the extent that you get input, to feed it back to the WT.
  Alan Greenberg:In particular, if a liaison is taking strong positions, they have a responsibility to ensure that theyknow how the RALO feels about these.
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):Acronyms... yes!
  Marita Moll:@ Alan -- happy to do that, except not this time as I was not in Panama and was not able to attend the sessions remotely due to a family event at the same time. 
  Greg Shatan:Maybe we need to form a NARALO caucus for the WT5 participants.
  Alan Greenberg:@Marita, understood.
  Javier Rua-Jovet:Good idea @Greg.  
  Alan Greenberg:@Greg, I would support that!
  Marita Moll:@Greg -- that seems to be a missing link. I like that idea. 
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):yes
  Javier Rua-Jovet:Great!!!
  Greg Shatan:We could put together a NARALO-WT5 Skype Group....  (Other RALOs can do it, but this being NARALO, I’m being specific...)
  Gladys Maldonado:I shall!
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):yes
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):andrea, unable to private message you
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Can you give me your email
  Andrea Glandon:Just messaged you
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):got it
  Marita Moll:@Greg -- as long as no one thinks we are having private side conversations or making decisions that way. I have seen some very rocky feedback on the NCUC list suggesting that sort of thing.
  Greg Shatan:We can set up an open archive email list then, to avoid transparency concerns.
  jonathan zuck:We need to worry less about the ncuc and work on our own processes
  Gladys Maldonado:se me cayó la llamada
  Greg Shatan:The email or Skype group can be open to anyone in NARALO who wants to discuss WT5 issues, not just the participants.  That would be better from getting feedback from the RALO....
  Silvia Vivanco:Gladys please let Andrea know if you need a dial out 
  Gladys Maldonado:I'm back
  Jason Hynds:I can hear Jonathan
  Alfredo Calderon:Previous slide...
  Jason Hynds:Wow new gTLD disquiet in Jonathan's home. :-( 
  Joly MacFie:UA is an issue that NARALO ALS's can advocate for a local level. I'd consider setting up an event in NYC.
  Judith Hellerstein:On Monday ISOC NY will be having its ICANN 62 read out.  Greg s., myself, and Joe Catapano and Chris Mondini will be there and giving a presentation
  Alfredo Calderon:I believe it is under the scrutiny of WT4...
  Jason Hynds:I like this idea of ALAC action & work with BC on UA concerns with OTS systems/services. Great stuff Jonathan. Also like the idea Joly on the event. Would like to remote hub that.
  Silvia Vivanco:Judith please send us any information on the read out so we can tweet /posts on FB 
  Greg Shatan:Veni Markovski will also be at the ICANN62 readout in NYC.
  Chris Mondini:@Jason H +1 
  Judith Hellerstein:I did not see Veni in Panama?
  Greg Shatan:Not sure if he was there.
  Chris Mondini:@Judith Veni was following remotely
  Chris Mondini:@Silvia  ISOC NY, Joe C and I have been tweeting about the read out. Will tag you 
  Greg Shatan:I thought “Veni” meant “I came” in Latin.
  Chris Mondini:ha
  Silvia Vivanco:@ Chris thank you!!
  Silvia Vivanco:we will re-tweet
  Judith Hellerstein:I will also send you my twitter handle
  Greg Shatan:ISPCP has been a big booster of UA efforts but they can only do so much.
  Jason Hynds:Great language lesson @Greg. lol.
  Glenn McKnight:Wow what a challenge to get into Adobe.  I had to use  Firfox but first update.  No luck with  Chrome or  IE
  Susannah Gray (SF Bay ISOC Chapter):Chrome updated fine for me. Couldn't get in with FF! 
  David Morar:yeah, I had to use the mobile app
  Adrian Schmidt:I'm on chrome on linux and works great...
  Andrea Glandon:The slides on on the wiki under current discussions
  Glenn McKnight:Thanks  Andrea.  Please make sure i am in the attendance sheet
  Judith Hellerstein:Yes Glenn I had told Andrea
  Andrea Glandon:You're welcome, Glenn. You are on the attendance sheet.  I saw you trying to join on the AC and knew you were on audio.
  Javier Rua-Jovet:To those interested in WT5 (geonames as TLDs) its very simple:  make sure  you are a WT5 member or observer which is basically declaring that by email and doing an SOI.  Instructions here:   I also encourage  ideas such as @Greg's regarding broader collective points if view via caucuses or   other intra-RALO   groupings.
  Judith Hellerstein:@Eduardo Leah is on the call but only on adigo and maybe muted
  jonathan zuck:my pleasure
  Alfredo Calderon:Informative...
  Eve Edelson (SF Bay ISOC chapter):Jonathan very interesting presentation
  Andrea Glandon:Leah is able to speak now.  She had disconnected earlier right when Eduardo called on her.
  Joly MacFie:I'll just say that developer forums could be fertile ground
  jonathan zuck:Good idea
  jonathan zuck:and they provide validation code
  Joly MacFie:A lot of apps use new gtlds
  Glenn McKnight:Due to time.  Quick request for those who have any further  feedback on the  NARALO  wiki page, suggestions etc. Evin has been updating the page
  Jason Hynds:Completely agree with @Greg's comment re major web hosts. Nice idea. Especially the ones with site dev tools.
  Joly MacFie:I don't see anywhere to sign up on jusat a contact form.
  Glenn McKnight:Secondly,  The NARALO Outrearch group didn't meet in panama but  the work on the  DRAFT  Naralo  O and E  FY 19 plan is avaiable for feedback .  It has been altered to adjust to the  CROP guidelines.  Asking from Chris and Joe their GSE plans.  The plan isn't due to end of August
  jonathan zuck:@Joly even on the home page? I'll circulate something
  Javier Rua-Jovet:Judith asked for a gender breakup of applicants
  Greg Shatan:I heard the first part - gender breakdown.
  Joly MacFie:May be I'm missing it.
  Javier Rua-Jovet:thx Leah!
  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you all for your participation! 
  Javier Rua-Jovet:Bye to all!
  Jason Hynds:Nice meeting. Bye all
  Evin Erdoğdu:Thanks all, goodbye!
  Gladys Maldonado:Bye!
  Adrian Schmidt:bye!
  Alfredo Calderon:Gracias, Leah!
  Greg Shatan:Bye all!
  Marita Moll:thanks By now
  Gordon Chillcott - Greater Toronto Area Linux Users Group:Thanks and bye for now
  Allan Skuce:bye
  Silvia Vivanco:Have a nice day

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