The 2020 Leadership Program (scheduled to take place 5-6 March 2020) was CANCELLED. Due to the nature of the program, it could not take place through remote participation only. 

Program Participants: 

Barbara Povše ccNSO
Pablo Rodriguez ccNSO
Jacques Rodrigue GuiguemdeGAC
Jorge CancioGAC
Karel DouglasGAC
Abdulkarim OloyedeALAC - AFRALO
Justine ChewALAC - APRALO
Natalia FilinaALAC - EURALO
Jonathan ZuckALAC - NARALO
Joe AbleySSAC
Benedict AddisSSAC
Ihab OsmanICANN Board of Directors
Carlton SamuelsGNSO Council
Marie PattulloBC
Susan PayneIPC
Jennifer Taylor HodgesISPCP
Benjamin AkinmoyejeNCSG
Mili SemlaniNCUC
Oreoluwa Somolu LesiNPOC
Kristian ØrmenRrSG
Eric RokobauerRrSG
Marc AndersonRySG
Craig SchwarzRySG

Community Facilitators: 

Sandra HoferichterALAC
Biyi OladipoccNSO
Bruna Martins dos SantosNCSG
Laureen KapinGAC


The 2020 ICANN Academy LP preliminary agenda can be found here. Please note that this is subject to change. 

Logistical Details:

Program Location:
The 2020 Leadership Program will take place 5-6 March at the Krystal Cancún Hotel and Resort - Rooms Tulum I and Tulum II.  

This is a closed meeting and limited to program participants. Outside observers cannot be accommodated.

The hotel costs and per diem will be provided for participants. Participants should have received hotel confirmation from constituency travel or should receive it shortly.

Social Program:


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