LACRALO Cartagena Showcase WG Teleconference

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Meeting Number: LACCAR-WG/1010/1

Date: Friday 01 October 2010

Time: 15:00 - 16:00 UTC

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Participants: Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Sylvia Herlein Leite

Apologies: Matthias Langenegger


Staff: Heidi Ullrich

Summary Minutes: 01 October 2010 Summary Minutes

Action Items: 01 October 2010 Action Items

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1. Welcome and Roll Call (2 mins)

2. Adoption of Agenda (2 mins)

3. Selection of WG Chair (10 mins)

4. Discuss Draft Program and Speakers (ALS representatives and invited guests) (10 mins)

5. Discuss "in-reach" plan for existing LACRALO ALSes (10 mins)

  • Shall ALSes be requested to prepare ALS Factsheets for display during the LACRALO Showcase?

ALS Factsheet Template: 2010-06-03_ALS Factsheet Templatev_GCLU.doc

Example of an AFRALO Factsheet: ALS Factsheet - African Youth Foundation.doc

Example of a EURALO Factsheet: 2010-06-03_ALS Factsheet Templatev_GCLU.doc 2010-06-03_ALS Factsheet Templatev_GCLU.doc

  • Shall the ALSes be requested to prepare individual wiki pages for display during the LACRALO Showcase?

6. Discuss Sponsorship Strategy (10 mins)

  • What potential sponsors can we reach out to?
  • How do we reach out to them?

7. Discussion of Location of the LACRALO Showcase (5 mins)

 Click here to see photos of possible locations

8. Agreeing a Timetable for the Organizing of the LACRALO Showcase Event (10 mins)

 Click here for the draft schedule

9. Next Steps (5 mins)

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