15:32:45 From Claudia Ruiz : Welcome to the LACRALO Monthly Teleconference
15:32:51 From Claudia Ruiz : Bienvenidos a todos
15:32:57 From Jose Arce : Hi
15:56:21 From Dev Anand’s iPad : Hello everyone
15:57:34 From Harold Arcos : Saludos a todos,,,bienvenidos
15:58:28 From Lia Hernández : Hola Harold
16:00:12 From Adrian Carballo : Hola a todos y todas
16:00:29 From Sylvia Herlein Leite : hola a todas y todos
16:00:37 From Harold Arcos : Saluds Adrian! bienvenido,,
16:00:42 From Presidencia Internauta : hola a todos/todas
16:01:39 From Harold Arcos : Saludos Sergio,,,que mejores pronto
16:02:26 From Sylvia Herlein Leite : uyyy, super gripe sergio, que te mejores
16:02:43 From Jose Arce : hola a todos
16:02:52 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : hola a todos
16:03:13 From Adrian Carballo : Sergio Cuidate y mejorate pronto
16:03:14 From Sylvia Herlein Leite : se escucha muy bien
16:03:31 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : cuidate sergio pronta mejoría
16:07:24 From Bartlett.Morgan : Hello everyone
16:08:12 From Harold Arcos : Hi Bartlett!! welcome!
16:09:01 From Heidi Ullrich : Hola/Hello!
16:09:39 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : hello Heidi welcome
16:09:48 From Carlos Leal : Hola buenas tardes Carlos Leal les saluda desde Nicaragua
16:10:03 From Presidencia Internauta : bye a todos y todas!
16:10:10 From Carlos Leal : Hello everyone greetings from Nicaragua
16:10:10 From Presidencia Internauta : bye everyone
16:10:12 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : bye sergio cuidate
16:10:19 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : hola carlos
16:11:01 From Sylvia Herlein Leite : sergio se despidió
16:11:43 From Harold Arcos : Post ICANN-65 Policy Report

16:11:55 From Harold Arcos : Boletín de Cierre / July Wrap-up Newsletter Edition
16:15:25 From Bartlett.Morgan : did the audio go for anyone else?
16:15:51 From Claudia Ruiz : Still hearing Harold @Bartlett
16:15:58 From Claudia Ruiz : Do you have audio?
16:16:15 From Bartlett.Morgan : no audio for me. Call just ended
16:16:19 From Dev Anand’s iPad : I’m hearing still - its relatively soft however - listening on mobile via Skype
16:16:28 From Claudia Ruiz : @Bartlett, operator is dialing out to you
16:16:42 From Bartlett.Morgan : thanks Claudia
16:19:56 From Ricardo Holmquist : https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Meetings+-+Monday%2C+24+June+2019?preview=/109482974/111387052/FINAL%20Talking%20-%20AtLargeMSG-ICANN65.docx
16:21:15 From Harold Arcos : Presentación / Presentation ALAC Member
16:26:57 From Harold Arcos : Summary Policy
16:27:37 From Harold Arcos : Por favor cerrar los micrófonos de Zoom y de dispositivos móviles,,
16:30:49 From Harold Arcos : LACRALO WG Dominios y su relación con los Usuarios (GNSO)/ Domains and its impact on End-Users: https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=102138233
Carlos Raúl Gutierrez (Director/Chair)
16:31:41 From Carlton Samuels : Howdy all.
16:31:54 From Claudia Ruiz : Welcome Carlton
16:33:01 From Harold Arcos : Hi Carlton welcome!
16:36:21 From Sylvia Herlein Leite : indeed
16:36:40 From Carlton Samuels : Thank you Harold
16:37:17 From Ricardo Holmquist : Buena noche a todos, disculpen que tenga que ausentarme
16:37:35 From Sylvia Herlein Leite : gracias ricardo
16:39:10 From Vrikson Acosta : Audio is off
16:39:53 From Alberto Soto : Hola, Lamento llegar tarde
16:40:08 From Claudia Ruiz : @Vrikson we all have audio
16:41:16 From Adrian Carballo : Silvya- Te escuchamos bien.
16:41:50 From Vrikson Acosta : Audio now is extremely low
16:42:48 From Harold Arcos : LACRALO WG Multilingüismo y IDNs/ WG on Multilinguism and IDNs:
16:43:37 From Claudia Ruiz : @Vrikson- audio is the same for me. Can you try the volume on your comp?
16:46:41 From Vrikson Acosta : @Claudia I have all the volume up, but before I could listen ok but not after the audio got back
16:47:35 From Claudia Ruiz : @vrikson would you like a dial out?
16:49:36 From Jose Arce : Genial Sylvia
16:49:49 From Vrikson Acosta : @Claudia No, it's ok. I changed device, and I now hear better
16:50:37 From Claudia Ruiz : @Vrikson - glad to hear
16:52:19 From Dev Anand’s iPad : I get lots of poor network connections - reconnecting messages since I’m connected to the EN channel via Skype

16:53:20 From Sylvia Herlein Leite : de acuerdo Lilian, muy buena idea
16:54:30 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : http://online.fliphtml5.com/gnel/fqol/
16:54:59 From Harold Arcos : LACRALO WG de Comunicaciones/ WG on Communications:
16:55:37 From Dev Anand’s iPad : The demo At-Large blog https://icannatlarge.blog also has these reports
16:55:44 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : https://twitter.com/LACRALO_Icann
16:56:16 From Carlos Leal : no sabía que había un grupo de fb
16:56:44 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : https://www.facebook.com/groups/73278876425/
16:56:57 From Carlos Leal : muchas gracias
17:01:31 From Carlos Leal : cuentas con mi apoyo será muy interesante incluir a los pueblos originarios de la costa caribe de Nicaragua
17:02:13 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : gracias carlos se que cuento contigo
17:02:14 From Vrikson Acosta : En Facebook: lacralo - icann atlarge
17:02:46 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : listo carlos ya estas en facebook
17:03:11 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : Thanks Dev!
17:03:51 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : Dev please send this link to whatsapp group
17:04:39 From Vrikson Acosta : @Ivette Mencionaste un grupo de Whatsapp?
17:04:54 From Sylvia Herlein Leite : muchas gracias a todos por su tiempo. saludosssss
17:05:02 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : Si Vrikson el nuestro tu no estas?
17:05:03 From Vrikson Acosta : Espero saber del webinar GSE
17:05:07 From Mariel Aranda : gracias a todos!
17:05:11 From Dev Anand’s iPad : @Lilian, I’m not aware of a WhatsApp group - I’m not on it - perhaps Harold is the one to answer that question
17:05:14 From Tracy F. Hackshaw : Thanks all ... Have a great evening!
17:05:16 From Alberto Soto : Gracias, saludos!
17:05:25 From Lito Ibarra : Gracias
17:05:28 From LILIAN IVETTE DE LUQUE : ok gracias dev
17:05:29 From Dev Anand’s iPad : Take care all
17:05:34 From Vrikson Acosta : @Ivette No estoy. agrégame
17:05:39 From Harold Arcos : thanks all,,,,
17:05:43 From Rudi Daniel : thank you all.
17:05:52 From Kerry Kerr : Thank you
17:05:54 From Vrikson Acosta : Bye everyone
17:05:56 From Harold Arcos : Thanks to our Staff Team, Interpreters,,,
17:06:25 From Claudia Ruiz : Thank you all
17:06:52 From Harold Arcos : bye everyone
17:07:49 From Adrian Carballo : Bye

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