At-Large Improvements Taskforce WG 27 February 2012

Participants: Sergio Salinas Porto,  Cheryl Langdon-Orr,  Tijani Ben Jemaa, Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Olivier Crepin-Leblond,
Apologies: Darlene Thompson, Natalia Enciso
Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Seth Greene, Nathalie Peregrine


Roll call was taken

Review of the Agenda

Summary minutes/Action Items - noted that last week's call's minutes were not posted. Staff are looking into this.

3. Discussion/Review of Tasks and Recommendations Status  

12.1 - Consumer Outreach Document -

12.1a - Substantially complete - according to CLO

OCL - document seems out of date. I would object pointing to a document that is a few years old.

HU: Noted that a new Beginner's Guide entitled "CyberSavvy" will be presented during the Prague Meeting.

Remove the "Defending Consumers" document from the table.

In the notes section, note the pending CyberSavvy Beginner's Guide. Also make some mention of the changing landscape of consumer issues. Do you wish to bring in here anything to do with the Consumer Trust work? Should we link to a master page of the Consumer Metrics and Trust page?

Dev, Sala, Yrjo and OCL - agreed that the notes section of 12.1a should include the link to the CMT

12.2 - GNSO outreach for Consumer Reps - Substantially complete but ongoing. Watching brief by the ExCom.

CLO: Will need a watching brief on this. Consumer Constituency was proposed. The NPOC constituency was propoese.

Link to NCSG page that lists new process.

Staff (MA) to contact Rob Hoggarth re current process.

OCL - would like to have more info on consumers kept up to date for At-large.

Rec. 13 - Substantially complete.

13.1a - Substantially completed but still in progress.

OCL  - the 21 day PC period is not enough for ALAC. We are too rushed. The first 21 day period is for comments. The second is for responses. So if no comments, it really shortens the comment period. In CR we will be reinserting our right to comment at any time. We will not be asking for longer periods for the other AC/SOs, but we will be asking for 30 days for ALAC. We will be asking the staff responsible for a comment period to keep the comment period open. This is a proposal.

CLO: It is clear that the other AC/SO feel that 21 days in minimum for them.

CLO: We may need to ask the Public Comment team aware of this in the coming months.

TBJ: I want to support OCL - the PC is a minimum of 21 days. We don't need to make this longer, just not shorter.

Dev: Posted the flowcharts on PCs for the ALAC.

CLO: should this be added to the notes?

OCL: Yes, but note that this may change in the future in the face of changing processes at ICANN.

CLO: You may need to note this for the RoP WG.
So it would be an ALAC and RoP WG that owns this.

OCL: The current system, is it mentioned anyway in ALAC?

CLO: No. The closest we have is the work of WT D. In fact, under our current RoP, there is no reason stated why the ALAC should look at the PC process at all.

DAT: The flowcharts try to be....the deadlines...21 days is not good enough. We don't need to make that much modification to the flowcharts.

CLO: Also add the link to the PPC space.

13.1b - Withdrawn. Notes: Subject to new changes in ICANN PC and public participation system, (link to ATRT recs).

13.1c - Withdrawn - Notes: Subject to new changes in ICANN PC and public participation system, (link to ATRT recs).

13.1d - Substantially compled/completed. Notes: Subject to finalization of ATRT rec which we recongize have been built on these specific recommendations.

OCL: With the new system, there seems to be some disconnect between what is on paper and what actually works. There are times when PCs appear suddenly with no prior notice.

CLO: Yes. We are far from there. That is an ICANN implementable. However, at the current state, while there is no PS WG, there is an interdepartmental staff mailing list that sends weekly policy updates.

HU: Could ask that Policy staff send separate emails for upcoming PCs. (However, please note that not all PCs are through the AC/SOs that Policy Staff support.

13.1e - Establishment of PRC WG - Substantially completed and finalized by Prague

Notes: Subject to new changes in ICANN PC and public participation system, (link to ATRT recs).

13.1f Ratification of PAD process (flowcharts)

On-line ratification to take place - might take place during CR meeting.

13.2 - Strengthen the Policy Development Processes within the SOs and ACs...

Withdrawn due to substantial changes having been made in the system.

13.2a- Review current process in each AC/SO - pick up issue in the notes

all other recs/actions items through 13.5 withdrawn...

13.6 - ASO - ALAC has a meeting planned with Louis Lee and John Curran in CR.

Terms of Obsolete, deprecated, superceded, accomplished rather than 'withdrawn' were discussed.

5. Status Update:

Section D: Next Steps:  

Link to wiki of half day workshop and action items coming out of the workshop.

Also, add text of informing RALOs/ALSes, WGs and ExCom.

6. Next meeting: Tuesday, 13 March in Costa Rica

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