SSC Assignment Overview

The SSC has been tasked with reviewing candidates who are seeking GNSO endorsement for the ATRT3. The SSC will recommend a slate of candidates to the GNSO Council. 

Selection of the Review Team

Under the new Bylaws, each SO/AC will have an opportunity to nominate up to seven applicants to serve on the Review Team. An applicant's name will only be presented to the SO/AC identified by the applicant for consideration. After SO/AC nomination process concludes, all nominations will be provided to the SO/AC leaders to conduct the selection process for the Review Team according to the specified expertise and geographic and gender diversity from the nominations received.  The Review Team may contain up to 21 members, plus an ICANN Board member (designated by the ICANN Board).

For candidates that are seeking a nomination of an SO or AC, we suggest that you communicate and establish a relationship with the leadership of the respective SO or AC.

From the Call for Volunteers


Review Team members will have the following general responsibilities:

  • Participate in creation of charter documents for the Review Team;
  • Select appropriate performance indicators and benchmarks;
  • Consider public, ICANN Organization and Board input and incorporate it as appropriate in Review Team recommendations;
  • Determine whether additional data or analysis is needed and participate in an ensuing provider selection, if necessary, in accordance with ICANN procurement practices;
  • Provide timely updates to the community on the status of the Review Team's work;
  • Analyze findings;
  • Draw conclusions based on findings, develop useful, feasible and implementable recommendations;
  • Provide guidance on prioritization of recommendations and definition of desired outcomes;
  • Post the Draft Report of the Review Team for public review and comment;
  • Deliver a Final Report of the Review Team;
  • Designate several Review Team members to participate in the implementation planning work that follows the delivery of the Final Report of the Review Team and Board action on the recommendations.

Skills and Experience

To compose a well-balanced Review Team, ICANN seeks members who, in the aggregate, possess the following skills and experience:

  • Performance assessment and audits
  • Good governance and board performance
  • Performance measurement
  • Process improvement
  • Knowledge of recognized frameworks for organizational excellence
  • Principles of accountability applicable to organizations broadly similar to ICANN
  • Expertise with Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) Work Stream 1 (WS1) and Work Stream 2 (WS2) highly desired

Desired Attributes

Applicants should possess the following professional and personal attributes:

  • Commitment and time to participate
  • Multistakeholder community understanding
  • Team spirit, adaptability, consensus-seeking attitude
  • Willingness to learn
  • Readiness to contribute
  • Capacity to reason objectively, putting aside personal opinions or preconceptions
  • Analytical skills
  • Good communication skills using multiple methods and tools

Applications received requesting GNSO Endorsement (see

Date Received



Application Form

SG/C Affiliation

 Shirley LinA/A/PIPDFNone


Julien ChaisseA/A/PIPDFNone


Adetola SogbesanAfricaBC


Wolfgang KleinwaechterEuropePDFNCUC


Stéphane Van GelderEuropeRySG


Tatiana TropinaEuropeNCUC


Erica VarleseNorth AmericaPDFRySG
 Brian CuteNorth AmericaPDFRySG


Michael KaranicolasNorth AmericaNCUC

Staff Assessment of Applicants' ExpertiseATRT3 Applicants - Staff Assessment of Expertise.pdf

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