Westlake Governance Limited has issued its Final Report (along with a correction). This marks an important milestone in ICANN's commitment to continuous improvement, accountability and transparency. After extensive consultation with the GNSO and the broader ICANN community, including a formal public comment process and ongoing engagement and participation of the GNSO Review Working Party, Westlake Governance formulated their conclusions.

Westlake determined that the GNSO has made good progress in implementing a Working Group model as the foundation for consensus work, in restructuring the GNSO Council and in improving communications and coordination with the ICANN Board and other structures, among other improvements. Recognizing that organizational effectiveness is a process of continuous improvement, Westlake offers 36 recommendations in the areas of: participation & representation, continuous development, transparency and alignment with ICANN’s future.

In preparation for the eventual implementation of Board-approved recommendations, the GNSO Review Working Party will provide their input on feasibility, focusing on prioritization of recommendations and alignment of implementation with other improvements already planned or underway. The ICANN Board is expected to take action on the findings and recommendations in the early part of 2016, after consideration of all community input.  

Final Report of Review of the GNSO is available here (along with a correction); it can be accessed from the recently updated GNSO Review web page.  Further information on the GNSO Review can be read in the announcement.

Executive Summary of Final Report - Translations

A comparison chart was compiled to show the recommendations presented in the Draft Report and the revised recommendations that were published in the Final Report.

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