As repeatedly discussed at ALAC and Secretariat meetings at the ICANN conferences in Brussels, Cartagena (2010) and San Francisco (2011) and on the basis of the last ALAC survey, long-term inactive RALO members are considered as a problem and there is presently no manubrium for this in-reach dilemma.

At EURALO, out of 27 certified members (status May 2011) we have three members who didn’t participate at all over a long period of time. Two members never responded any more after having been certified in 2007 = four years. One member didn’t participate after our 1st GA in June 2008 and has not responded any more since two years. And it makes no sense increasing our membership while having several “dead ducks” among them. There needs to be a minimal standard for involvement and participation at RALO issues (over a period of the last two years – NARALO Bylaw prescribe one year).

EURALO – assisted by At-Large Staff – repeatedly tried to get in contact with these inactive members, without any results so far and prospects for improvements. As a consequence, the EURALO leadership is presently discussing the following approach to deal with this problem and to find a solution – in a worst case the de-certification of such members. This must be handled carefully and in a step-by-step manner:

  1. Friendly reminder to the focal/contact point in the ALS (if known);
  2. Second (less friendly) reminder with invitation for a reconsideration of the RALO membership;
  3. Last and ultimate call to respond (within 8 to 12 weeks) to the previous reminders, otherwise a suggestion for de-certification will be submitted to ALAC;
  4. (if there is still no response) Suggestion for de-certification will be submitted to ALAC;
  5. Consideration and de-certification decision by ALAC;
  6. Communication about de-certification to the member, incl. last chance for demanding recourse at ALAC (within 4 weeks).
  7. After this procedure the ALS will be finally de-certified and delisted.

Such a procedure offers enough chances to a member for reconsideration of its RALO member status with fair rights to reply.

On the other hand it improves the credibility of RALOs that their documented membership is valid and shows a minimum of participation and commitment. This credibility also affects our reputation towards and among other ICANN constituencies.

June 2011 / Wolf Ludwig


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