Gisella Gruber:Welcome to the EURALO Monthly call on Tuesday, 17 January 2017 at 19:00 UTC
  Gisella Gruber:Agenda:
  Leon Sanchez:Hello!
  Silvia Vivanco:Welcome all
  Wale Bakare:Hello all
  Andrei Kolesnikov:hi, I'm on mobile. it sux, but sound is fine
  Silvia Vivanco:EURALO agenda is posted on the wiki page:
  Andrei Kolesnikov:I'll reconnect in 2 mins. mobile goes crazy
  Oksana Prykhodko:Hello everyone
  Silvia Vivanco:Action Items :
  Gisella Gruber:Ssandra Hoferichter has joined the call
  Gisella Gruber:Mirjana Tasic has joined the call
  Silvia Vivanco:At-Large Board Member Selection Workspace - 2017 :  
  Gisella Gruber:Lianna Galstyan joined the call
  Lianna Galstyan:Greetings to all participants.
  Gisella Gruber:Narine Khachatryan joined the call
  Narine Khachatryan:Hello everyone!
  Gisella Gruber: Dmitry Belyavskiy joined the call
  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond:Where is the candidate list? Where are their expressions of interest?
  Wolf Ludwig:The names were circulated via the lists!
  CW:FWIW, I do not know who they are.
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat:@Tijani, but it would be preferable, for the sake of transparency, to have a full list on that page Olivier mentioned.
  Gisella Gruber:Alan Greenberg has joined the call
  Alan Greenberg:Sorry to be late.
  Silvia Vivanco:Important announcements page:
  Silvia Vivanco:Policy advice development page:
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat:@Olivier: again, I advise EURALO and ALAC to insist on "Users, including customers"...
  Silvia Vivanco:At-Large Identifier Technology Health Indicators: Definition Workspace:  
  Silvia Vivanco:dot Mobi:
  Silvia Vivanco:Copenhagen EURALO activities wiki page:  
  Silvia Vivanco:The EURALO Copenhagen Meeting Activities call will be held on Wednesday, 18 January 2017 at 17:00 UTC for 60 minutes.
  Bastiaan Goslings:who from RIPE NCC are we talking to?
  Bastiaan Goslings:let me know if I can be of assistence
  Bastiaan Goslings:(re an MoU)
  Silvia Vivanco:EURALO Extraordinary Selection of ALAC Member 2017 Workspace :
  Alan Greenberg:You also have a requirement to have an elector for the Board election which is scheduled to start on 21 Feb. This schedules allows for that.
  Silvia Vivanco:According to EURALO By-Laws, article 11.5.10 Electing the ALAC members representing Europe. The selected representatives must be members of different ALSes, must have their principal residence in different countries of the region and their nationalities must be different. To the extend possible, gender balance and regional balance within Europe shall be fostered
  Silvia Vivanco:this is noted on the wiki page
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat:@Wolf: so this excludes which nationalities?
  Wolf Ludwig:French -- as Sébastien is French (already)
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat:@Wolf: thanks.
  Roberto Gaetano:Actually, the French EURALO member is Matthieu Camus, ISOC France
  Roberto Gaetano:The other nationalities are off my memory Germany (Annette), Austria (Erich) Finland (Yriö)
  Wolf Ludwig:But Matthieu is an ALS representative like Marie-Joli for eSeniors or Yuliya M. for TaC
  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you Bastiaan I have noted your nomination and will note the wiki soon
  Wolf Ludwig:For the ALAC replacement position, we are discussing: Séb. is an ALAC member (French), Andrei (NomCom selected, Russia) ... Therefore for this selection it cannot be one more French national
  Roberto Gaetano:I am probably mixing up things - are we talking about the EURALO Board?
  Bastiaan Goslings:Now we are ;-)
  Wolf Ludwig:No, we were talking about the ALAC replacement, Roberto.
  Wale Bakare:Thank you JJS, OLivier as well.
  Bastiaan Goslings:Congratz, Wale!
  Wale Bakare:Thanks Bastian, appreciated!
  Roberto Gaetano:Sorry, Wolf, I was already on item 7.
  Silvia Vivanco:EURALO By Laws Task Force wiki :
  Glenn McKnight:NARALO is happy to share with you folks on our  ROP work
  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you very much Glenn!
  Wolf Ludwig:This sounds too ambitious ...
  Bastiaan Goslings:Apologies everyone, I need to leave now
  Bastiaan Goslings:ciao!
  Bastiaan Goslings:again, any questions you might have with regard to my nomination, please let me know!
  Oksana Prykhodko:+1 Jean-Jacque (if I understand him in right way)
  Glenn McKnight:We have had alot of  discussion  what to be added and deleted in our  ROP  and Alan G and  John More are the pen holders and we want to stress that  the  document should clear, concise and focused vs  documenting every little actions and potential activity.   One can't anticipate every possible problem and hence resolutions
  Silvia Vivanco:Silvia Vivanco: EURALO By Laws Task Force wiki :
  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond:+1 Glenn. Our conclusion was the same
  Silvia Vivanco:EURALO Task Force on At-Large Structure (ALS) engagement :  
  Glenn McKnight:@all please feel free to join our  ROP calls and see our  draft copy to be discussed at our  GA in New Orleans in April
  Glenn McKnight:Don't  forget the captioning Survey
  Glenn McKnight:FYI  the Outreach and Engagement proposal went in for  IGF Geneva  for next Dec
  Glenn McKnight:hard to hear
  Gisella Gruber:Wale - we cant hear you
  Glenn McKnight:very distorted
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat:'Wale, your audio is TERRIBLE
  Glenn McKnight:sounds like a  horror  movie
  Glenn McKnight:A demon took over the audio
  Wale Bakare:Ok, i will do that.
  Wale Bakare:Thanks
  Wale Bakare:I'm sorry about that
  Glenn McKnight:It requires  major  rewrite
  CW:Cpuld we see the first review draft?
  Silvia Vivanco:At-Large Review :
  Wale Bakare:Wale Bakare: I wanted to let you know that the Individual Users' Association sent mail per its representative to ICANN58
  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond:Thank you Wale.
  Wale Bakare:We are yet to get feedback from Staff with regard to travel support
  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond:Cross Community Working Group Workstream 2: our own working group, called the ICANN Evolution Working Group, is about to restart its regular calls:
  Narine Khachatryan:Thank you all. By the way captioning has woked perfectly. Thanks to all and everyone, who have made this possible!
  Leon Sanchez:Proof of the captioning being useful is that whilst we couldn't hear Gisella we were able to "read" her
  Dmitry Belyavskiy:Captioning was very helpful, thank you!
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat:@Gisella: for EV3: please add: "Helpful when there is an interruption in the audio stream".
  Wale Bakare:Multiple options selections
  Glenn McKnight:yes this  question needs fixing
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat:;-)
  Glenn McKnight:Was it EV3a
  Glenn McKnight:need to let staff fix this one to be more inclusive
  Wale Bakare:Thanks everyone, bye
  Mirjana Tasic Plug-in:Bye all
  Leon Sanchez:thanks everyone
  Glenn McKnight:thanks
  Leon Sanchez:bye!
  Gisella Gruber:@ Glenn - I believe EV4
  Glenn McKnight:bye
  Lianna Galstyan:Thank you all and bybe
  Erich Schweighofer:Servus from Vienna
  Narine Khachatryan:Thanks all
  Gabriella Schittek:Bye!
  sandra hoferichter:By all!
  Matthieu Camus:thank you, bye!
  Gisella Gruber:Thank you all!
  Glenn McKnight:i will let judith now on the error
  Wale Bakare:Bye all
  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you all!
  Roberto Gaetano:Bye
  Dmitry Belyavskiy:Thank you! Bye!
  Oksana Prykhodko:Thank you bye!

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