Date: Monday 12 March 2018                            

Time:  17:30-19:00 UTC (13:30-15:00 local time) | See here for your local date and time

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- Tarek Kamel (opening remarks on why it is important)

- Tatiana Tropina (cybersecurity)

- Steve DelBianco (business, user views)

- Jimson Olofuye (political risks and threats)

- Pablo Hinojosa (APNIC)

- etc.

Suggested Agenda

1. Introduction, welcome

2. An evolving Internet Political Ecosystem (Tarek Kamel)

3. Discussion of Challenges

  1. Coordination and Distribution of Internet Identifiers
    1. IP address blocks (ITU - WTSA / Plenipotentiary)
    2. Top Level Domains (ITU - WTSA allowing study groups on the nature of top level domains - what is allowed and what is not allowed.)
    3. Identifiers in WTO e-commerce agenda
    4. geographical names @ top level
  2. Tension between multi-lateral & multi-stakeholder fora.
    1. How do government stakeholders interact in ICANN and outside ICANN
    2. Other environments and fora:
      1. WIPO;
      2. Enhanced Cooperation at CSTD;
      3. ITU WTDC.
      4. ITU plenipotentiary (PP-18)
      5. UN agencies (eg. UNCTAD, UNESCO, ECOSOC)
      6. United Nations
        1. Cyber Security initiative
  3. How ICANN interacts with other organisations
      1. Eg. GSM Association MoU;
      2. I* (I "Stars" - I.e. IETF, ISOC, IAB, W3C, RIRs);
      3. Laws on Data Protection affecting ICANN / ie. GDPR issue - through WHOIS
  4. Lack of sustained engagement in Internet Governance Ecosystem (eg. Laws on Cyber Security have been defined as Internet Governance by WSIS; etc.)

4. Discussion

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