15:38:20 From Yesim Nazlar : Welcome to the APRALO ROPs Review Working Group Call taking place on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 at 13:00 UTC
15:38:30 From Yesim Nazlar : Agenda: https://community.icann.org/x/c4cCBw
15:50:19 From Amrita : Hi All
15:50:30 From Priyatosh Jana : hi everyone
15:50:40 From Yesim Nazlar : welcome all
15:57:04 From silvia.vivanco : Hello all
15:59:26 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : hi everyone
15:59:55 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : I just to apologise because I will be leaving in half an hour
16:00:28 From silvia.vivanco : Welcome Satish and all
16:00:32 From silvia.vivanco : Noted Nadira
16:00:42 From Satish Babu : Hi everyone!
16:03:13 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : had a few runs at them in the past ;-)
16:04:54 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : my internet connection is not stable today
16:05:14 From silvia.vivanco : APRALOWG wiki : https://community.icann.org/display/APRALO/APRALO+ROPs+Review+WG
16:05:53 From silvia.vivanco : The working group will consider the following aspects related to membership:

-Examine the existing provisions in our Rules of Procedure, and suggest new provisions or modifications to existing provisions relating to the obligations and responsibilities of individual members.
-Clearly stipulate the roles and responsibilities of the elected individual member representative and his/her relations vis-à-vis the APRALO Leadership Team
-Design a Code of Conduct document laying out expected standards of behavior and other related matters, which is intended to be shared with every newcomer to our community.
16:06:03 From silvia.vivanco : Pleasure
16:06:39 From Nitin Walia : thanks
16:10:30 From Amrita : Satish - as i had mentioned in my comments, when an application comes in the ALS'es should be asked if the person is member of any ALS
16:10:41 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : any one else have problems hearing interrupted voice
16:11:19 From Amrita : Another issues why people want to become individual member at times is they feel they cannot contribute through their ALS
16:11:32 From Amrita : that is also a challenge that needs to be addressed
16:12:44 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : yes, there is ALS member faced with bottle neck from his ALS Leader
16:12:55 From shreedeep rayamajhi : yes I agree with amrita the main problem is with alss
16:14:34 From Amrita : However there are instances where individual members d not have issue with their ALS but wanted to become an individual member - that is also one scenario obsereved
16:14:42 From Amrita : so the issue is quite complex
16:14:43 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : yes, since we are discussing APRALO RoP better to study all of its items
16:15:04 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : What on earth makes anyone think ATLAS III has any determinative decision making orf recommendation making to do???
16:15:08 From shreedeep rayamajhi : the problem is not just individual membership it's having clarity and committement
16:16:00 From Lianna Galstyan : Hi everyone. Sorry for being late but I’m at the unplanned f2f meeting with Natalia Mochu, GSE manager of my sub-region. Wanted to apologize for this call and leave it.
16:16:33 From silvia.vivanco : APRALO form to become an individual member: https://atlarge-rails-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/ckeditor_document/1526299356-578-3866/APRALO_Individual_Membership_Application_-_GDPR_Compliant.pdf
16:16:47 From silvia.vivanco : Thanks Lianna
16:17:36 From Lianna Galstyan : Thank you. Will follow up later. Bye everyone.
16:17:55 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : un affiliated member vs. individual member
16:21:01 From silvia.vivanco : the application form includes a question, I can confirm that:
1. I am not a member of a certified At-Large Structure (ALS) (yes) (no)
16:22:41 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : does the form provides a list of all ALS to make sure that they are not in any ALS
16:24:17 From silvia.vivanco : @Nadira, no list in the form itself, the list is on the website
16:25:10 From Amrita : Dear All apologies i will have to leave now. I will go through the MOM
16:25:39 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : @Sylvia it is good to provide the list of the ALS
16:26:16 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : The being aware of ISOC Chapter or any group that is an ALS issue for applicant Unaffiliated Member is one that needs to be dealt with in the due diligence associated with the joining process, and also any continuous disclosure requirements put in place
16:27:30 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Remember the idea is to allow and foster engagement and activity in ICANN's work from as many keen individuals as possible, be they Members of ALSes or Unaffiliated with an ALS
16:29:23 From ali almeshal : i think by time we will know how is the progress which can reflect the timeline
16:29:52 From Nitin Walia : Apologies, i have to leave because of another commitment I will go through the MOM shared over the list later
16:30:18 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : Before leaving the meeting, I would like to suggest to have a community Wiki space to provide proposals and suggestions on this issue
16:30:56 From silvia.vivanco : Under timeline_ clearance from ICANN legal
16:31:19 From silvia.vivanco : And process of adoption- through approval by APRALO membership
16:31:27 From silvia.vivanco : Noted, will add under Timeline
16:32:27 From silvia.vivanco : - Make sure that these changes are consistent with the At-Large Review recommendations - noted
16:32:48 From silvia.vivanco : I will add point of At-Large Review under Objectives
16:33:12 From silvia.vivanco : Very good point Cheryl
16:34:49 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Always take the opportunity to do an overall Review of Rules when your gathering for this sort of thing
16:35:36 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : the formality and effort associated with changes to Rules means you need to maximise the output of the work
16:35:45 From silvia.vivanco : and perhaps the group needs to schedule periodic calls
16:35:49 From shreedeep rayamajhi : +1 cheryl
16:36:45 From silvia.vivanco : noted
16:36:59 From silvia.vivanco : We will use the WG wiki and create child wiki pages
16:38:24 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Combination makes sense Thanks for confirming
16:38:34 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : so a schedule of cals makes sense
16:38:43 From silvia.vivanco : we can send a doodle to set up a recurring time
16:38:51 From silvia.vivanco : monthly or bi-monthly
16:38:51 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : start monthly
16:38:55 From silvia.vivanco : If you wish
16:39:00 From shreedeep rayamajhi : monthly call is good
16:39:04 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : you can always have more as needs be
16:39:11 From silvia.vivanco : ok we shall then send a doodle for a call in 1 month time
16:39:25 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : and YES Ali I agree standing Agenda item for update from the WG
16:39:38 From silvia.vivanco : Yes we will send a doodle
16:39:43 From silvia.vivanco : thank you :)
16:40:03 From Syuzan : Being a new on board I will be happy to learn from you and contribute as much as I can
16:42:02 From silvia.vivanco : Any time before 6 UTC would be much appreciated
16:44:28 From silvia.vivanco : We shall send a doodle with a wide range of times
16:44:37 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : There are always times that some of us can't or won't make
16:44:38 From silvia.vivanco : we will make sure that there is rotation
16:44:40 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : it happens
16:44:45 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : world is round
16:46:34 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : we can also look to what happens in these other RoPs of other RALOs as well then
16:46:54 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Thanks Sylvia
16:46:56 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : noted
16:47:17 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : OK good to know
16:47:42 From silvia.vivanco : Yes I will be monitoring the work other RALOs
16:47:55 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : FYI we drew heavily on the NARALO RoPs re UIMs in our Rues re this Membership class
16:48:26 From silvia.vivanco : and other RALOs (like AFRALO) looked at APRALO’s model
16:48:32 From silvia.vivanco : Yes
16:48:35 From silvia.vivanco : noted
16:50:58 From silvia.vivanco : Noted
16:51:02 From silvia.vivanco : Excellent plan
16:51:19 From silvia.vivanco : Doodle shall be sent to schedule the next call
16:51:26 From shreedeep rayamajhi : bye everyone
16:51:27 From silvia.vivanco : by Yesim
16:51:30 From Priyatosh Jana : thank you Satish
16:51:32 From Jay Paudyal : Thank you all and bye for now.
16:51:36 From ali almeshal : bye all
16:51:37 From Priyatosh Jana : bye bye everyone

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