Review Working Party:  Katrina Sataki, Martin Boyle, Mirjana Tasic, Stephen Deerhake

ICANN Organization:  Jennifer Bryce, Lars Hoffmann, Bart Boswinkel, Kimberly Carlson, Joke Braeken

Meridian Institute (Independent Examiner):  Annika Freudenberger, Kristy Buckley, Mallorie Bruns

Apologies: Margarita Valdés, Hong Xue

Adobe Connect replay:

Chat Transcript: EN

Slides: Meridian Institute

Discussion documents: Draft assessment report


  1. Welcome
  2. Overview of main findings from the assessment report (understanding that this will be the RWP’s first interaction with the material)
  3. Discussion, q&a
  4. Overview of next steps and timeline, including ccNSO Review-related events at ICANN64
  5. AOB
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